Flow at the Glass Tank aims to explore the process of developing an idea, the impact of the environment around us, and ‘Flow’ theory – the state of total absorption in an activity. It will be a collaborative exhibition with submissions from all ages, professions and disciplines and co-curated by members of the volunteer team at Modern Art Oxford.

Due to this being a call out for the exhibition with no imagery to work with, we developed a graphic language. This referenced the experimentation of the flow state in our own practice. We moved away from our computers and explored the unfamiliar. This encouraged us to see things from a different perspective and come up with solutions we may not have previously considered. The outcome was an exciting mesh of marks and scans that accumulated in a playful and experimental graphic that captured our flow state.

We used Whyte as the supporting typeface. The smooth, sharp transitions of the letter forms create clean and rational lines against the experimental marks.