Breaking the Mould: Sculpture by Women since 1945 presents a diverse and significant range of ambitious work by women. It challenges the male-dominated narratives of post-war British sculpture, whilst seeking to inspire future generations, supporting the maxim ‘if she can see it she can be it’.

Working in collaboration with Kelly Barrow, we created a bold and unapologetic identity using visual breaks and sculptural stacking of typography for the exhibition ident. This slightly awkward aesthetic reinforces how the traditional ‘narrative’ of women in the arts needs to be broken apart, reconstructed, and rewritten.

It was important for us to use a typeface designed by a woman. This is why we chose Marguerite Grotesque, designed by Charlotte Rhode which has an interesting feminist concept woven into its design. Named after the strong and decisive female protagonist, Marguerite Gautier, from the novel ‘La dame aux Camelias’. The typeface resembles her characteristics with very round, stable forms resulting in a dramatic typeface perfectly suited to the exhibition. We also designed the publication to accompany the exhibition.

This project has been a highlight of our studio's career. Being able to work on an exhibition about an issue we feel so passionate about, and giving it the bold and unapologetic identity it deserves, was an amazing opportunity.

Photography by JMA Photography