We were asked by End Violence Against Women to create a campaign to raise awareness around rape and victim blaming. Their main aim was to get the public and media behind the campaign which in turn would drive more public conversations, push for an end to end review of how rape is handled by the criminal justice system, and guarantee advocacy for all rape victims.

In order to connect with the audience we decided to use real stories from women’s experiences. These came from research End Violence Against Women had conducted into rape and victim blaming. These were then backed up by relevant facts showing how the system was failing women.

Authenticity was key to the success of the campaign. We wanted people to think ‘that could be me, or my sister, or my mum, or my daughter’. This is why we purposefully chose models that represented real people in real places. We felt that this was key to the talk-ability and sharing of the campaign which would ultimately inspire the public to take action and support the movement.

Working with a small, strong team of creative women we developed the campaign design strategy, art direction, photography, copy, design, production & development. Thanks to Laurie Oliva (everything), Meara Kallista Morse (photography), Kimberly Kay (copy) and Zoe & Laura from Zebedee Management (models) and the team at End Violence Against Women.